Sam Saruhan,
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Collective Archiving Research Map, Process, 2021

A map of references, quotes, and ideas I used as part of the research process for my dissertation, Reclaiming Collective Memory.

Memory & The Crypt Interviews, Research, 2021

For the publication ‘Memory & The Crypt’, I conducted interviews with members of the community, having each interviewee refer me to the next person I should interview. Each participant was invited to bring with them an object, piece of audio, video, or any other thing that, to them, was associated with their relationship to the Crypt.

Reclaiming Collective Memory, Publication, 2021

My dissertation about alternative forms of collective memory making, exploring archival practices as a means of democratising memory and the material traces left by it.

A GIF flipping through spreads from 'Reclaiming Collective Memory'